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Project Vision

Seek is a job seeking service that primarily allows for users to apply fot the jobs with the press of a button. With current job applications, saved jobs organization and extended document options and clean job details are either non-existent, very limited, or extremely outdated. Seek aims to fix that by bridging the gap between easy application and detailed information.

Role / 





Client / 

Job Seeking App

Year / 


Duration / 

3 weeks


1)  Create easy-to-apply process for seekers.

2)  Organize saved jobs in a way that attracts user.

3)  Allow users to save versions of cv and portfolio for different jobs.

4)  Bridge the gap between easy application and detailed information.


Starting off, I asked myself a few initial questions. Who is our primary user? What kind of goals do they have? Why would someone want to use this application? Just how large of a scope do I want this project to be? After interviewing four participants to establish archetypes later on, it became evident that the goals they wanted to accomplish all fell within the same categories; easy application process & organized saved jobs.

Competitive Analysis

In order to construct a concise and solid foundation for Seek,  I had to venture out and see what the prominent job searching applications were already doing and what user goals they were not reaching. I evaluated several features deemed vital from user surveys and identified which ones Seek could capitalize on to have a leg up over other applications.  

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Evaluating Activity

From professions with higher technical demands and exposure to regular job roles in administrative and clerical positions, mobile job search and recruitment processes are continuing to grab the interest of all professionals and job seekers across the niches. The various technical attributes and the influences of mobile job search and mobile-based recruitment procedure increased rapidly, it is on the global trend in this regard.

With this in mind, it became clear that people's job seeking on online isn't going anywhere, anytime soon.

Source: Smith, November 2018

Prioritization Plotting

Plotting a list of possible features onto a graph helped narrow down what was absolutely crucial for delivering minimum viable product.

A big draw of using this application is to be able to create a detailed profile that you can use in easy application process. 

Meet the Personas
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Name- Elinrora

Age- 25

Occupation- Unemployed

Elinrora is a graduate of media. She is currently looking for an entry level position on her field.  Throughout her study, she also spend time improving her creative skills and has developed exceptional graphic design skills. She hopes this process will be quick and easy.

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Name- Farafinas

Age- 55

Occupation- Production manager

Farafinas just received 20 years long service award in current company. He feels that it’s time to slow down his professional work life. However, he doesn't wish to leave the workforce entirely., but continue to leverage his current skill sets in his new job. 

Information Architecture
Paper Wireframes

Before moving onto high fidelity wireframes and mocks, I wanted to get a feel for what the core of the app would look like when put in front of me.

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-03 at 14.03_edited.jpg
Style Guide

Utilizing a calm blue felt like the perfect fit for Seek's branding. The blue helps evoke a happy feeling out of users , and it creates a nice balance between calm and energetic. The main typeface of choice for the app is Karla. I felt this typeface best fit the app do to it's extreme versatility through uppercase and lowercase styling, as well as dark and light text fills.


Seek as a concept is something that I feel people who search for a job would greatly benefit from. The current options and tools out there to perform the same task don't cut it. The primary difficulty I had while designing this product was the timing for the project and saved job organization I feel that although there may be a better solution out there, I designed an experience that works well for most users.

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