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Project Title

NutriApp user research for mobile app

Role / 





Client / 

High End Restaurant


Year / 


Duration / 

5 weeks

A new app for a high end restaurant, it helps people to calculate food's nutritional value and place order among that. We noticed that there is a lack of nutrition knowledge on the market, so we are creating a product that supports a healthy diet and increases customer satisfaction.

Health Goals
Nutritional Awareness
Extensive Filtering
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Competitive Analysis

We looked at several potential competing companies, and although none compete directly with Mechmarket, they can still infringe on the business' revenue & popularity. Mechmarket has the opportunity to capitalize on this by bringing products from each company to create a one-stop shop without oversaturating the user's selection.


The majority of the features between competitiors were very similar, however the main differences that we noticed were:

-Offer customization options that emphasize healthy ingredients and dietary alternatives

-Integrate our app with voice assistive technology

-Create a straightforward process for order, checkout, and delivery tracking


In this project, we took a goal-directed design approach that proved to be quite effective in our design efforts. We found qualitative research methods to be the most useful, consisting of a kickoff, literature review, competitive analysis, and most important our persona hypothesis construction. We started out by asking ourselves some initial key questions.

What is this product?

Who will use it?

What do our users need most?

What challenges do we face moving forward?

Which users are most important for us?


Who do we see as our biggest competitors?

Meet the Personas

Name- Lala

Age- 30

Occupation- Senior Architect

Lala is an Architect who has 2 sweet kids. Her busy schedule does not let Lala to find time to cook. She often orders from a restaurant.She wants to be sure that her family gets enough nutritions.


Name- Magi

Age- 47

Occupation- Manager at Tech Company

Magi, 47 years old and living in Lima. She mostly hangs out with her friends. Finding common food for her diabetes is hard. She prefers food with less cholesterol and fat contents.

Preparing the Journey

We constructed a user flow of what a basic start to finish journey looks like while ordering a food. This helps us in understanding ways users can interact with the product, as well as allowing us to see navigation through user goals.

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-25 at 18.07_edited.jpg
WhatsApp Image 2022-03-25 at 18.24_edited.jpg

After sketching out some p&p wireframes and thinking through the preliminary flow, we reviewed what was nessecary, unessecary , and what areas needed improvement. We poured a lot of our time into this step to make sure we had the finishing touches on the underlying UX before moving onto the visuals.


After creating our prototype from low fidelity wireframes, we conducted a usability test. We asked 5 different participants to run through different scenarios in our prototype in hopes of gathering enough feedback to use for our next set of design iterations.

Confused with multiple diet selection

Users need expanded filtering options.

"May be I am allergic to nuts and vegetarian and also today I want to eat low sugar"

Nutrition page is hard to find 

Users need a more intuitive way to access nutri page.

“Why do I have to go back when I am on Nutri page? It feels like I am lost"

Hard to navigate from homescreen

In general, users want to see better cues on homepage.

“"I am so confused now which one is first to tap, whatever I am clicking somewhere"

Unfamiliarity with the terms “BMI” 

Some users need definitions when using these words.

"What does BMI means exactly?"

Homepage design process
Style Guide

The color values chosen for NutriApp express what design is about; 

simple, essential and clear. NutriApp's signature green came from health and well-being comes within food. The splash screen feels simple and clean enough to draw the user further in. 


Try the Prototype yourself!


As a nutrition enthusiast, NutriApp is an idea that is near and dear to my heart. I wanted to communicate the importance healthy diet options. This was my first UX project, and I can definitely see learnings will be useful in future projects. 

Be sure to checkout the process for NutriApp's creation below!

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